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The purpose of this conference is to explore the fertile imaginary world of Middle Bronze Age Egypt (2000-1500BC) through its material culture and the archaeological sources from which such material is recovered.  

One principal focus will be on figurines in their immediate and wider archaeological context. We also aim to explore other objects which have traditionally been interpreted as tools for the protection of mother and child, all as products of an interwoven world.

The conference is an opportunity to explore how the ancient Egyptians populated their imaginary universe, combining different images, materials and objects - a "Company of Images".  The proceedings will be published in 2015.

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The programme has been revised and is available here.  There is a slightly later start on Friday morning.

Don't go to the wrong venue!  The conference is being held in the Christopher Ingold Chemistry building, 20 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AJ - opposite the Bloomsbury Theatre.

NEW: (Sept 16): "Nu" Shabtis, New Programme....
Exciting news:    A perfect end to a perfect day: Conference attendees are invited to a private view of the contemporary art exhibition of faience by Zahed Taj-Eddin “Nu Shabtis” at the Petrie Museum on Thursday 18th September.  Drinks will be provided. It starts at 6pm 

And the conference programme has been updated again - see it here

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PS: Don't get lost on your way to the conference.  The conference is being held in the Christopher Ingold Building which is at 20 Gordon Street (not Gordon Square as previously mentioned).  It is just around the corner from the Institute of Archaeology on Gordon Square.  Updated details here

NEW: (Sept 3) Final abstracts and conference programme available to view or download on the Downloads page or click here for abstracts or here for the programme

To buy tickets for the conference, please click Registration and Payment
The conference programme is available at Conference Programme
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Dr Josef Wegner will be giving the Annual Petrie Memorial Lecture at 1830 on Friday 19 September.  For further details and to buy tickets, please click here.  The Annual Petrie Memorial Lecture is not included in the conference fee